To reach the target while passing by the spinners, the pinballs makes tilt at every time. Sock 18,50€ UNIQLO UT BONNE MAISON Derby electric blue velvet calf leather 315 € JOUR FERIE PARIS


Our feeding is a great subject of questioning. Ripe, of season, resulting from reasoned agriculture, organic, the green vegetables are tasted and we lick our chops. Sweater  knit cotton 225€ SONIA BY Sonia Rykiel

carpe diem

like a fish in water, here is the porposition of a good outfit which we can consider to be on the red carpet of Cannes. jacket sequins ASOS 84,99€ skirt sequins ASOS 70,99€. Thank you beautiful INES model @Marilyn Agency Paris

the cenotaph

During an archaeological excavation the discovery is the object of an intense emotional load. The brush updates a cenotaph out of rectangular gold, an invaluable treasure who conceals a fruity and floral odorous capacity with notes of tangerine and flowers of orange tree, supported by wooded agreements. Perfume eau de toilette MICHAEL KORS 24K BRILLIANT GOLD 75€

pinkpink rain

Sun, rain, sun, rain, sun, rain, the rhythm of Spring in our temperate countries. The rain comes on those pink futuristic mirror, Zeiss lenses glasses RETROSUPERFUTURE, model Hanna @Upmodels, filmed at SWISSMISS studio.

5, 10, 15

Is this to have the blues to like the blues? Of course not, it is the basic expression of the heart which takes guts and which expresses the soul! Cotton red dress 49,90€ UNIQLO AND LEMAIRE, ribbon and gloves are vintage, model Hanna@ Upmodels, song Ruth Brown 5,10,15

you gonna have nice eyes, you know.

In movie Quai des Brumes, the feeling is with the lovesong. One clinks glasses, one is made the soft eyes and all will finish by a kiss. Lipstick CK ONE 600, model Clemence @ Upmodels, film music Quai des Brumes by Michel Jaubert, 1938.


folded accordion

The folderols give desire for dancing, a hammer rate/rhythm the gracious and light movement of our two-tone skirt. Skirt polyester folded REPETTO 270€,  t-shirt cotton polyester folded short sleeves  COS 49€, flip-flop sport cross broad supports and notched white soles ANDRE 55€, musique la Polka piquée à l’atelier.

waiting for Easter

The small rabbits wait wisely – or almost – the Easter eggs. Cotton top and shorts printed pink rabbits JACADI 35€, sandalettes leather EASY PEASY. All my thanks and big kisses to the young Kahili and her mom Souria. Music “le rappel des oiseaux” de Jean-Philippe Rameaux. Filmed at STUDIO SWISSMISS, Paris.


happy new year

I dream for you excitation and prowess. I said all, but we can dream with more still…

rock’n’wall #6 LEA and her siamese twin

Siamese twin dance in Ourcq’s street in Paris. Coat fake fur 85€ MONKI, head-band with veil 202£ BENOIT MISSOLIN moccasins leather gold with metal knot WALTER STEIGER music by THE CURE the lovecats model LEA @Upmodels

lucky charmer

A rare fact captured by our journalist reporter, an odious character threatens with his moustache and sharp-edged teeth to steal a four-leaf clover. Rock-cristal ring crimped of bronze gilded with the fine gold and baroque pearl  290€ GOOSSENS. Model ESTELLE at Up Models, music by Pascal Comelade Besame Mucho, danse et chants de Sylvadie album


This word is neither slang, nor an acronym, it is a word which was turned over like a pancake but to horizontal, letters which seen in a mirror say AMOUR, LOVE in french. It is gentle and pretty as love messages. The heart of Anna beats when she wears her tee-shirt ROSEANNA 155€. Model Anna H at Trend’s Metropolitan agency. Thank’s to Studio Swissmiss

swing carpet

Exercises, movements of control of the body, the bar on the ground is in horizontal what the bar is for the ballerinas. Incontestably, Kahili begins well in this discipline. Curly carpet hairs engraved hand 160x230cms CONFORAMA 129€ Musik Björk title Scatterheart album Selmasongs. Filmed at STUDIO SWISSMISS. Cheer and kisses to the young Kahili and friendship to her mother Souria.

rock’n’wall #5 Marie


The gazelle of the 8th district, our Marie chose the perfect coat which will make her Autumn and her Winter. Light like a feather, warm as a fur, this coat in camel and silk  MAX MARA 1125€ /sweater and jeans SPORTMAX/ High hills leather poney 469€ MAX MARA/ Music by Ata Kak “Obaa Sima”/ Immense merci à Marie Le Cerf

tiger toes

By a full moon, a tiger drives out in desiccated grasses. We are hypnotized by the outward journeys and discrete arrivals of this deer…Tennis embroidered with the hand in Cameroun in pearls of rubbles with satin laces TWINS FOR PEACE 295€ /Thanks to Léna Bonfort and her hopping feet.

Splash! Pschitt!

Balloon’s game, shadows’game, it is summer time so hot. Taste some freshness in the swimming pool. This so delicious fragrances follows your summers hobbies. CALVIN KLEIN CK ONE SUMMER eau de toilette 100ml 56,50€ / Thank to young Carla Foucher for her help




What a heat, a little freshness please! It is Caterina which offers it to you by crunching a water melon . Swimming suit  ERES, model CATERINA Paris Lido dancer, photography director  YVAN LEAU / filmed at STUDIO SWISSMISS. thank you all.

rock’n’wall #4 ELODIE


This is a swimming suit, and certainely much more! We can danse, swim, and plays hula hoop with it. Élodie looks like a mermaid inside her hoop. Bathing suit one piece white fishnett  202$ SEAFOLLY / musique Mami Wata, a huge thanks to Élodie Farge.

Bastille day’s whistle

Live France, lives the folderols and the ball of the firemen. Blue white red, the french’s colors flag, let us celebrate Bastille’s day with the charming Viky surprised whistling the Marseillaise, french national anthem.
flowers double silk organza diameter 12cm, hairclip and stitches, manufactured by hand KARUNA BALLOO 125€ www.karunaballoo.com /model Viky @ Metropolitan