S.O.S crocodile crushes clutch

Sensitive hearts do abstain from this video showing a crocodile seizing a bag, a brawl starts, as in any good film we will let you imagine the end…  A rectangular clutch designed by my friend Anne Grand-Clement who has  a splendid collection of embroidered clutches and wallets, all made in India. The handwork for this clutch took over 24 hours to complete, by an embroidery technique called “point of Beauvais”, whereas a gold plated wire is used. Embroidered clutch 18 x 24 cm , satin lining 300€ and its brass chain gilded 95€ ANNE GRAND CLEMENT www.annegrandclement.com Fountain in Paris  5th district sculptor Pierre Pomateau 1846. Translated by Darcy Tucker ♥