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Andrew the unstoppable


Andrew is Australian, as we can say ” a true man, a tough guy, a tattooed” and when I asked to him whether he wanted a milk suspicion in his tea, a burst of laughter lit its face. Sunglasses mirror ovals, silver plated mounting, broad branches with squares, sold to measure ALAIN MIKLI 495€






Under a pine of Arizona, a whirr is made hear. Invaluable the santiags boots take care on the deep sleep under a crushing sun.

Western boots with elastic calf leather, flame cut, beveled heel and leather sole. SARTORE 565€

bra manta

Swimming in the Andaman sea, a bright green bra basks in water before to disappear into the abyss. Bra underwise in Calais lace AGENT PROVOCATEUR 180€

rock’n’wall #2 DAPHNEE


The dress is long, with flippy sleeves, it suits all body. We find it at Diane Von Furstenberg, the queen dress’s designer..Exclusive floral patterns silk dress DIANE VON FURSTENBERG 724€ Daphnée @Upmodels

quadrifolium tunicula minima*

* latin translation : Four-leaf clover mini-skirt. A chance on ten thousand to find in the fields a four-leaf clover being on all fours. To be lucky, choose this charm charming skirt.

Embroided cotton four-leaf clovers skirt, VANESSA BRUNO 485€  white cotton t-shirt PETIT BATEAU

rock ‘n’ wall #1 Tiphaine


Blue plastic polka dot top 710€ beige tallow slip dress 335€ sweater polka dot 325€
Yellow Cotton shorts 245€ tennis shoes polka dot 175€ Marc by Marc thank a lot to Tiphaine Menon, the first dancer in “Rock’n’roll’ <3

Apologie’s panegyric

Apologie is a young French brand of shoes that swings between distinguished humor and affordable creativity. A perfect example of their style is the chic slipper called “Kiss”. Clipper in stripped ottoman cotton with flocked lips 210€

her name is Eugénie

Large languorous eyes , an exquisite mouth and a peachy skin: meet Eugénie Grandet, conscientiously observed by her cousin Charles under the pen of Honoré de Balzac in a novel written in September 1883. Hiding under this bibi hat is my friend Bertille, jokingly posing as a daunted provincial girl. Why buy classic and boring when, in one or two clicks, a talented milliner offers deliciously fun and original hats?. Felt and straw hat with eyes of glass by BENOIT MISSOLIN with the collaboration of Amanda Fatherazi 328€ / Thanks to Bertille Noiret for her friendly participation.

the woman who walked in the head

The total-look is rare, and even more rare is a completely green silhouette. However, at the bottom-end of the Avenue Montaigne, in Paris,
a Lady waits, half sitting, waiting for someone to put her boots on to complete her outfit. Until then , she counts the steps in her head in anticipation…

Boots flowered coton MAX MARA 485€ by Björk 107 steps Selmasongs album/ / Statue La Seine Place de l’Alma Paris by Gérard Choain, 1962.

Eau Légère is not only light water…

Because Légère means “light”, you may think it’s insignificant…Big mistake!
L’Eau Légère by Bottega Veneta is my perfume and I can’t spend a day without people talking about that beautiful smell “What is this marvelous perfume?””It fits you so well!”.
I’d like to share those compliments! The composition itself is an appeal to dream: chyrpre, musk and a touch of gardenia. Chyrpre comes from a oak moss. Musk acts as a bait the same way as pheromones.
Composed by Master Perfumer Michel Almairac, the original spirit of Eau Légère conquers everyone around me

Parfum bottle 50ml 68€